The OH-58D Kiowa

I love drawing all things aviation. I fell in love with aircraft when I first moved to Townsville in 1976. Our home was located under the flight path between Lavarack Barracks and RAAF Garbutt. So I was treated to regular sightings of both military and civilian aircraft.  This version of the Kiowa however is operated by […]

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The Australian Hobby Bird

Of all the birds of the world, the raptors (birds of prey) are my favorite. One of these days, I’ll work up the courage to do one in colour and not just in pen & ink as I have done here. (A4 on cartridge paper)

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Welcome to my ePortfolio!

My name is Brett and I’d like to welcome you to my ePortfolio where I wish to share with you some of my artwork. But first I suppose I should say something about myself.

Who am I?

I’m a child of the 60’s, only just though. I consider myself a humanist/neo-goth with neo-Marxist socialist undertones, with interests in the arts and sciences.  Although I consider myself a spiritualist by nature, I am in religious terms, an atheist and proud of it. I am a social scientist with a Bachelor Social Science and Social Work.

Where am I going?

Who knows!

My life appears to be one of “reinvention”, which I suspect is becoming the norm for most of us these days. But I am learning to embrace the changes that have been occurring in my life as it has allowed me to grow as a person, and professionally as a social worker and as such, there will, no doubt be more changes to come.

My Art!

For as long as I can remember, I have always liked to draw or occasionally even paint, and do other crafty things such as building models. Although I still build models, which are primarily plastic kit models. I haven’t scratch built anything for a very long time although I do have a number of wooden boat projects in various stages of completion. I’m still learning to work with wood, metal and string, not to mention planking the hull of the boats that I am building.

Most of my art posted here reflects some of my interests, which includes aircraft, ships, and dinosaurs just to name a few. I have also posted a few of my assignments from previous art courses that I have attempted at various times through my life as I had an ambition to become a professional artist, a commercial or technical illustrator and so my work tends to reflect that. However, I come to realize that’s probably not going to happen now. So now I do it for the joy of it.

I have always had a fascination realistic paintings and technical drawings, as I have a passion for history and the sciences. And as I was illiterate until the age of 15, what I learnt of life, the universe and everything, were through looking at pictures. So I have always wanted to be a realist artist and will more than likely continue along those lines as that’s where my interest lie.
My art is for me, but I hope you enjoy what I have done…